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Who are we?

We are a small but dedicated group of volunteers currently in our 21st year of rescuing German Shepherds.  In addition to  working to get rescued German Shepherds rehabilitated and into loving homes, we have also provided forever homes within our family for dogs that are unadoptable, usually due to age or health reasons. 

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Our Organization

We’re committed to finding, placing, and following up on any and all dogs that need our help. Each dog is given a thorough personality test, health checkup, and background evaluation. If the dog that is rescued is without a background profile, the dog will be tested and begin training immediately, and be evaluated for an appropriate period of time before being placed for adoption in a proper home. Every dog will be as much obedience training necessary and possible before they are released for adoption. German Shepherds in particular need special care to maintain their mental health through stimulation and training.

All dogs will be housed in a proper area for German Shepherds including a dry and safe place to rest and be showered with love and affection every day. The dogs will also be fed a nutrient rich diet of only the best premium canine diets to put them at peak health for adoption.

We believe that the dogs will adjust and respond better to new people, pets, and situations if their mental and physical health is maintained properly during their fostering with German Shepherd Rescue.

All potential owners will be responsible for to declare their commitment to the dog before adoption will be permitted. Proper housing, food, grooming, obedience training, and general care will be required of the potential owner. The owner must also be aware that future checks on the dogs’ progress will occur to confirm that both the owner and pet are satisfied with the match made through the adoption. Sometimes personalities or situations do not match or work out, and this is acceptable, however, we require that all of our dogs be returned to us in such situations, so that we may find another happy and healthy home for our ‘kids.”

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