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Let’s Save Lives Together


Finding, placing and following up on any and every dog that needs our help. This includes personality testing, health checks, and background evaluations of all our adopting families. With the help of our amazing volunteers we’re able to accomplish far more than our budget would allow in any other scenario. But vet bills, food, toys, and treats. They come at a price and we can’t in good conscious pass that full expense on to the families adopting these dogs in the form of an adoption fee.

To pay our bills and keep the doors open and the lights on we rely on our amazing donors. Our donors are the ones that help provide the means for us to live out our mission. To join the list of our amazing donors just click the button below and enter a dollar amount. The transaction is entirely secure and backed by PayPal. Thank you so much for considering donating and we look forward to a lifetime partnership together.

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